All my Goose friends think I should blog about Natmed topics, so here I go.

I’ll start out by talking about the number one homeopathic remedy that should be in every household, in every first aid kit, and the purse/diaper bag of every mom: Arnica Montana. If you have nothing else, this is the one to have.

Normally, homeopathic remedies are specific to a persons’ symptoms, but there are some that are so broad in their effect that we can recommend them for anyone who suffers from certain things, and Arnica is one of them. Arnica is for any sort of trauma, be it a bump, bruise, tooth extraction, or even surgery.

Arnica in pill form comes in numerous potencies, and it is also available as a gel. For most of what I’ll cover in this blog, I generally suggest those who aren’t homeopathic experts to stick with the lower potencies, such as 6x,12x, 30x and 6c, 12c, and 30c. Using higher potencies is something best left to those more experienced with how homeopathy works. But the lower potencies are useful for anyone, even those new to the concept of homeopathic treatement.

Arnica in pill form is best given just after a traumatic event happens: baby falls down, toddler bashes fingers in door, adult slips and falls on her tailbone, anything like that. For acute issues like these, I like a 30x. Several pills under the tongue immediately, and re-dose after five minutes if pain has not lessened. I’ll do another blog post on how to dose with homeopathic remedies soon, but for now all you need to know is, as symptoms diminish, lessen the frequency of the doses. It doesn’t matter how many pills you use, two or ten have the exact same effect, it’s the frequency of the dosing that counts.

The other wonderful way to use Arnica is in gel form. My favorite brand is Boericke & Tafel Arniflora which can be found in any number of places both online and in your local health food store. It is only for use on unbroken skin, you don’t want to put it on an open wound. But it’s like magic for bruises!

My favorite story about Arnica gel revolves around a horse (not a surprise if you all know I live on a farm.) In 2001 my husband bought a new horse and had a vet check scheduled during the day when he was at work. I was the one who met the vet and had to trot the horse around so the vet could be sure he was sound. During the trotting, the horse (who my husband later named McAskill, after a Nova Scotian giant), managed to stomp my right foot so hard that I fell to the ground. I knew I was in trouble, so I limped to the house and immediately slathered Arnica gel on my foot and took several doses of Arnica in pill form. I was pretty sure I had at least one small broken bone in there, but was due to go out of town that day to an important seminar, so I just wrapped my foot up in Vet Wrap, put my boot back on, and hobbled on my merry way.

Later that evening in the hotel, I finally removed my boot. All over my foot was the colorful bruising I expected, but in green and yellow, which you would normally see in a bruise that had been healing for a week or so. Only in several small spots on my toes (where I had missed slathering the Arnica gel) could you see the deep purple of a serious bruise. I am convinced that had I not been so janey-on-the-spot with the Arnica gel I would have wound up with my foot in a cast. As it is now, I can tell when a storm is coming from the twinges in the foot, but all in all I was pretty lucky. And it makes a good story to tease my husband about.

James & Mac