If you do nothing else, if you get no other reference works when it comes to all things Natmed, there are two books you must have. Parent or not. Single, mother of multiples, senior citizen, doesn’t matter. These two books should come as operating manuals for every human:

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch & Balch, and Family Guide to Homeopathy: Symptoms and Natural Solutions by Andrew Lockie. Between these two you can cover the spectrum of prevention and healing for yourself and others.

Although you should, you don’t have to read these books cover to cover, they are wonderful for when you’re dealing with a specific ailment and need good advice soonest. The Lockie book assumes you have access to a good health food store with a wide choice of homeopathic remedies, if you don’t, don’t panic, he often gives you several choices, and remedies can be ordered online easily these days.

These two are easily found at places like Amazon.com or B&N brick and mortar stores, you can even find older editions on eBay (older editions are likely just fine to use, my Balch & Balch is at least 14 years old.)

In later posts I’ll go into more depth about how to use homeopathy, how to pick the right remedy for a given person/situation, and how not to go off the deep end with vitamins (all too easy to do.) But for now, if you don’t have these books, get ’em!