I’ve written about Feng Shui before, but was explaining it to some friends, so thought I’d do another post about it today.

As always, I encourage anyone with even the slightest interest in Feng Shui to purchase the wonderful book about Feng Shui Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter. She’s just terrific at making the ancient Chinese system of “Right Placement” easy to understand and giving step by step instructions on how to improve things.

Recent Feng Shui story: I was in Cleveland last weekend, and stayed with younger brother B at his new apartment. As I walked around looking at things from a Feng Shui perspective, I noticed in his Prosperity area, he had stored all his tools. Guess where B just got a job two weeks ago? Home Depot, working in the Tool department.

I laughed and laughed, but was not surprised. I have lots of such stories. It really works. Try it!
Here’s a picture of the Bagua, which is like the map of your living space that you use to improve your life:

The Feng Shui Bagua

To use the Bagua, stand in the front door of your home, and hold the map facing up as shown to the left. So your front door will be in either the: Knowledge, Career, or Helpful People Bagua.

If you want to improve any of the aspects of your life, clean/declutter the area in your house listed in the Bagua. Then add things (these are called “cures”) to the given area in the color shown in the bagua map.

For example, if you want to boost your prosperity (who doesn’t?) add some purple to the back left corner of your home, as seen when standing in the front door. You can add actual items or even pictures of things work too. For example, a photo of a beautiful lake in the Career area would ensure your work life would remain calm and full. While a pic of a waterfall there would encourage movement and change for the better. But be careful, if you put a pic of a desert there, your work might dry up!

Use your imagination, read more about Feng Shui on the Internet, and follow Karen on Facebook, she’s just great.
And feel free to ask questions, either here or on my Facebook page, I love this stuff.