I like to make this drink in the summer, it’s so refreshing I could drink it all day long. Very simple yet tasty.














  • 3 bags Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea
  • 3 bags Celestial Seasonings Decaffeinated Green Tea
  • Six cups of boiling filtered water
  • Eight or more cups cold filtered water
  • 1 Tablespoon local, unpasteurized honey* (or to taste)

Place the teabags in a large teapot or glass jar (do it in the sink the first time if you’re not sure about the jar, don’t want it to crack!) Boil six cups of water, and let it cool slightly before pouring over the teabags. Steep for three minutes (I know that sounds like not very long, but trust me on this one.) Stir in the honey while the tea is hot. Fill the jar up with the rest of the cool water. Chill, and serve over ice.

* I always prefer to use local, unpasteurized honey for its many health benefits. Honey that you buy in the grocery store can be from places as varied as China and India, and can contain all sorts of nasty stuff. See this article from Time Magazine last summer: Tainted Chinese Honey May Be On Store Shelves.

Green tea has a host of health benefits, including antioxidants, which can help block the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, increase HDL (good) cholesterol and improve artery function. According to Harvard Medical School, “A Chinese study published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed a 46%-65% reduction in hypertension risk in regular consumers of oolong or green tea, compared to non-consumers of tea.”

Besides, it just plain tastes good!