My name is Laura Haggarty, and I’m a Reiki/Master Teacher, Numerologist, lay homeopath, and amateur herbalist. I’ve been working with Numerology since 1984, and natural medicine modalities since 1994 when my children were small. I worked as Manager of the Natural Medicine Forum on CompuServe for four years. I am a classically trained/certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Reiki Ryoho tradition. I also practice Feng Shui, and study Western and Eastern Astrology. If it’s Natmed or New Age, I look at it and distill out the best of it to apply to healing and helping people and animals. You can see our family website at, and find me on Facebook as Laura Wamelink Haggarty.

(And thanks go out to Skye Lininger, Thom Hartmann, Tom Cotter, and Patricia Anne, among others…)