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From time to time, we all find ourselves surrounded by negative energy. In this post I’ll be going over some steps you can take to remove negative energy from your environment, and put in place some protections to ensure it doesn’t come back again.

Before I start though, I do need to make clear that I do not believe in demons, per se. I do believe in angels, or higher spirits, but not demons. That’s just me, and your own personal beliefs may differ, but either way, these techniques work. Also, I have a number of friends who carry a number of different religious beliefs, as such I am not going to address specific deities, please just use the one(s) you worship, and adjust as necessary.

The first thing you need to do is clear your space; house, apartment, working area (if you can do so.) Each house has its own “soul” if you will, and if you’ve moved into a home that has been previously occupied, you need to clear out any energies that were left behind by others who lived there. Start by cleaning the house from top to bottom. Open the windows, let some fresh air in, remove dirt, dust, cobwebs. Scrub the floors, bathrooms, the whole thing.

Once the house is clean, send everyone else away, you need to work on your own undisturbed for a while. Find the “center” of the house, which may or may not be the physical center. But look for the “heart” of the house, perhaps the kitchen, or the family room. Have a seat there (on the floor if that works), and just commune with the house for a bit (I know, it sounds silly, but do it anyway.) Close your eyes and see if the house has any messages to send you. Once you’re done, you can start your spiritual clearing.

Clearing can be done with any number of things: smoke from a sage bundle, water sprinkled around, salt, or sound (a bell, Tinshas, or Tibetan bowl works well.) Start at the front door of the house, and moving counter-clockwise through each room, smudge, sprinkle, or ring your chosen clearing element in each corner of each room. As you do so, say prayers for the removal of negative energy, even something simple like “Bad begone, good come in.” Do each room in the house this way, counter-clockwise in each room, counter-clockwise through the whole house. Then return to the center, and say a prayer thanking the house and Spirit/God for help in removing any negative energy.

Once you’ve finished removing the negative energy, do a final walk-through the whole house, this time clockwise, inviting only positive energy into the space.

As well, there are a couple of other things you can do to ensure that no negative energy enters your home. An easy one to do is to put a small flat knife under the front door mat, pointing outwards. This will send negative energy (and people) away, keeping them from harming you.

Another excellent thing to do if you’re dealing with someone who has a specific grudge against you is to create a mirror protection. Simple and easy, all it takes is a small pocket mirror, found at any drugstore or grocery store. Obtain some sea salt (the best to use for clearings of any sort), and wash the mirror with water in which some of the sea salt has been dissolved. Then, holding the mirror in your hand, ask your deity to use the mirror to send any negative thoughts or energy that anyone is sending you, right back to them. Set the mirror in the window of your bedroom, or in a window by the front door, pointing outward. This will deflect any negative energy back to the sender, and often will take you off their radar altogether.

These simple tips can help ensure your environment is safe, and that negative energy can’t enter your home and affect you. In another post I’ll go over how you can protect yourself from negative energy when you’re outside your home, check back later for that update.

A wise friend of mine is known to say “When you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything.” And it’s very good advice. Sometimes rushing into action is not the best idea. Our subconscious often has information about situations that we don’t access consciously. And when you’re at a crossroads of some sort or another and can’t decide what to do or which way to go, it is often a good thing to just not do anything.

I’m at that place right now about a certain aspect of my life. I feel as if I should make a decision which will affect both my life as well as that of my husband and children (not in a huge way, but it will affect them.) I just am not sure which way to go.

As I was out doing chores today in the snow (we live on a farm where we have horses, goats, and chickens) I found myself going over the possibilities in my mind. Just worrying at the decision like a dog will a bone. Still don’t know for sure what to do. So I decided, I won’t do anything. But I will ask for wisdom and clarity, which will help me to make the right decision.

Many of my friends are devout Christians, many follow other religions. But this advice works in pretty much any theology. If you don’t know what to do, pray to your diety for clarity and wisdom, and do it in a way that you are expressing gratitude for having been granted it.

The Universe is a funny place. Often, in order to “get” something, we are best served by giving thanks for that thing. So because I was seeking clarity and wisdom, I decided to thank God for it. As I did my chores, I said out loud “Thank you God for the clarity and wisdom to make the right decision.” I said it a number of times as I walked about with the water and feed (the critters didn’t seem to care at all, as long as they got their food!)

I know that for a number of years Affirmations were poked fun at by many, including the Stuart Smalley character on Saturday Night Live (which I found hysterical, fwiw.) But despite the humor, Affirmations really do work. If you say a thing out loud, you’re helping to create it in your life. What You Say Is What You Get, as it were (sort of like WYSIWYG on a computer.) If you put out there that things are bad, the Universe/God will give you bad things. If you put out there that you have good things, well then, that’s what you’ll get!

I know that sounds simple, and to a certain degree it really is. But I can’t emphasize enough how important your self talk is. Pay attention to how you speak about yourself and your life. See if you’re putting negative stuff out there, or if what you’re putting out is positive. And if it is negative, try making some changes to how you talk about things, and see if life itself doesn’t change too.

Saying a little prayer of gratitude for things you “want” is always a good way to make them happen/come about. So try being grateful for financial security, even if you’re not experiencing it now. Try saying thanks for good health, even if you’re struggling with a health issue at the moment. And most importantly, say these prayers of thanks out loud. Not only does God/the Universe need to hear them out loud, so does your subconscious.

And remember what that wise woman said, and if you’re not sure what to do, ask for guidance so that you’ll know it when it presents itself to you. Can’t hurt, might help a lot.

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A ten percent solution of Peppermint essential oil mixed with a neutral carrier oil, applied to the forehead can reduce or eliminate a headache in minutes.


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